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The ski entirely thought with noble and renewable materials.


A ski different from the market, each of its functions has been analyzed, every component conceived with an ecological approach and the target of lightness, users-friendly and performance.

Nature has supplied us with a natural composite material unequalled up to now. Wood in its diverity of species takes all its dimension in the design of the AZ skis.

The sidewalls longitudinally on both sides of the ski above the steel edges are the master component of the ski because they constitute the quality of the ski steering. They are elected in laminated wood chosen on its characteristics, origin, quality, density and fiber structure. This key element applies the pressure distribution all along the ski turn and increase the liveliness of edge control and the quickness of direction change; they bring an improved confort and offer the exceptional ski-snow contact.


These two walls constitute a fantastic catamaran for snow, 80% of the performance of skiability lie in this  structure. The wonderful glide originates in the central component, the liaison between the two walls offering its particular qualities for the functions to perform: a low density wood with the specifically oriented fibers has been elected for the filling, light with an execptional crush resisting as well as longitudinal and transversal dampening. This wood is giving the ski its surprising adaptability both exellent for play at low speed and stable in the speed cruises: then , the AZ skis bring you the pleasure of both opposite worlds.

The composite fibers layers on top and bottom insure the cohesion of the ski and they allow for the fine tune-up of the ski behaviour on the snow; the designer adjust it by playing with the fiber structure, on the nature of the threads, their wieght in the wrap and weft as well as their weaving angle. Glass E, glass S, carbon, aramid, basalt, they are many and as different to combine and get the exellence for the skier.

This unique concept generates an incredible light weight. Such lightness suppresses the perception of the length of the ski which is reinvented through the addition of copper mass, a natural material of high density and attractive, located at the two extremities. The tail an tip insert  increase the torque, in a technical accomplishement as well as the enhancement of the superb beauty, noble and natural, of the AZ skis.

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