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Custom Skis

Custom Skis

Le Palace Les AIRELLES Les AIRELLES Courchevel 1850

High fashion ski by Alain Zanco

AZ skis a symbol of a controlled creation like great dress designer

AZ workshop creates a product of exception in the spirit of haute couture. As a great dress designer or master Bootmaker, craftsman inspired from custom, a shape is designed based on the characteristics of the user and one’s tastes.
The selection of materials is carried out with extreme care. This is the choice of a species, in preference to another, for these mechanical qualities, its appearance and also its color.
The ski will have from its manufacturing, the likeness of a piece of cabinetmaking rare and precious.
The bareness option is another feature of the design to this ski of exception.
Its sobriety and apparent simplicity, symbols of a controlled creation, represent the success of a style whose originality is the mark of irrevocable distinction.
Designed and directed, skis AZ is born to provide, with a sense of exclusivity, the skiing pleasure of the most intense.

Custom Skis

Unique and deeply personal, our skis embody the encounter between an individual dream and expertise.

Finding The ski is difficult and even more difficult today facing the diversity of supply. Sort, try multiple pairs of skis to finally find the snowy slopes of GRAAL requires patience, perseverance, luck and can be a lifelong skier.

My career has allowed me to develop ski for riders and competitors, to adapt to individuals or for myself and to know in return the satisfaction and pleasure experienced by the owner.

So if you aspire to play your favorite sport so rewarding accomplishment in a total andultimate pleasure. It is important to have a genuine product, combining art and technology, fully developed and made to measure.

It is the form "Your request" that you send me your desires and multiple data essential to the creation of your skis. From this professional exchange will born a rare and exclusive product. A unique design, from mold to manufacture, custom finish with the last technical adjustments on the slopes.

Alain Zanco

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